These are the creative services I currently provide, broken down into options with pricing. My availability for web design projects can vary. Feel free to contact me with any requests or inquiries!

Digital Art Commissions

Hand-drawn illustrations, portraits, characters, caricatures, cartoons, and more. Delivered as hi-res PNG + PDF.

  • SIMPLE SKETCH (line art, no color): $50

Custom Print Designs (via Etsy)

Custom designs on posters and apparel. One-time design fee + personalized Etsy listing. Purchase any quantity.

  • SIMPLE DESIGN (line art, no color): $50 design fee + product printing/shipping
  • FULL-COLOR DESIGN: $100 design fee + product printing/shipping

Custom Branding Assets

Logos, mascots, and other brand images. Hand-drawn or custom designed and delivered in a variety of formats.

  • LOGO (type only): $100

Web Design

Accessible and responsive WordPress templates with various options for installation and maintenance.

  • SIMPLE WORDPRESS THEME (one-time design, no installation): $150
  • SIMPLE WORDPRESS SITE (one-time design and setup, no e-commerce): $350 + hosting
  • WORDPRESS SITE + MAINTENANCE (design, setup, monthly updates, no e-commerce): $350 + hosting + $50/mo
  • WORDPRESS + E-COMMERCE (one-time design, setup): $500 + hosting
  • WORDPRESS + E-COMMERCE + MAINTENANCE (design, setup, monthly updates): $500 + hosting + $50/mo

Voice Performance/Narration

High quality recording of custom vocal performance, professional narration, or character voice.

  • NARRATION (raw): $50/recording hour
  • NARRATION (produced): $50/hr + $100 fee
  • VOICE PERFORMANCE (raw): $75/hr
  • VOICE PERFORMANCE (produced): $75/hr + $100 fee

Let’s Talk!

If you’re interested in any of the services listed above please drop me a note and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.